Help 40+ Cats with Major Medical Needs -- Seized from the "The Aurora Cat Lady"

April 2, 2014: 40+ cats were admitted to Almost Home Adoptions for Rescued Cats from the Aurora Animal Shelter after being seized from The Aurora Cat Lady.  All of the cats are in need of major medical attention.  Upper respiratory infections; mites; dehydration; malnourishment (one adult cat weighed in at just over 3 pounds); nails so overgrown they grew into the toe pads; stomatitis; Giardia; advanced dental decay, disease and abscess—these are just a few of the medical conditions currently being addressed.  Almost Home's veterinarian has issued an official statement stating that the condition of these cats has taken years and years to deteriorate to this condition.

Almost Home is reaching out to the public for help in the form of donations for medical expenses.  These expenses are conservatively estimated at $30,000.

Every donation to help nurture these innocent victims back to health is graciously appreciated.  Your donation is tax deductible.  To help, click here to donate:

The woman from whom these cats were seized said their medical condition "was exaggerated."

In the following photo groupings, the photo in the upper left corner shows a particular cat's condition from the past.  The other photos in each photo grouping illustrate the health of the cat when it was admitted to Almost Home Adoptions.  Almost Home's veterinarian has issued an official statement stating that the condition of these cats has taken a period of many years to deteriorate to this condition.


April 8, 2014: Juliet Piccone, the lawyer representing Karen Schultz (The Aurora Cat Lady) has threatened a libel lawsuit against Almost Home Adoptions if we don't meet her demands by 12:30 p.m. today. In addition to the fact that her representation of Karen Schultz is a conflict of interest based on the fact Piccone represented Almost Home fairly recently, over the past several days we have been contacted by people from the Greater Denver area and from around the country expressing their desire to shed additional light on this situation. These people have extensive first-hand knowledge of Schultz' treatment of cats and what has transpired over the past 8 to 10 years. This story is only beginning to unfold. What has transpired thus far is only the tip of the iceberg.

Now back to where the focus should be, continuing to help these sweet spirits back to health. This is a photo of “Blondie," so much better in only one week with food, clean water, medical care, and a bit of trimming and brushing. This girl is such a sweetie.  Just after her tight knots were shaved out on the day she came to Almost Home, she was licking the hands of those helping her.  I can't imagine having my hair in tight knots up to my skin constantly pulling.

 April 10, 2014: The more information that comes to light from people coming forward with substantiation regarding how "The Aurora Cat Lady" has treated cats in her possession over an extended period of years, and the more we get to know the cats taken from “The Aurora Cat Lady,” the more our hearts break for these innocent spirits. Schultz continues to claim their medical conditions were exaggerated, but the intake records from the Aurora Shelter show just the opposite.  Here is an update on one of the cats.

Condition at intake to and stay at Aurora Shelter (from report as prepared by Aurora Shelter): (3/18/14) Teeth: Severe calculus (plaque); severe gingivitis; abscessed teeth, rotting and loose; Coat: multiple injuries; General Condition: emaciated; diarrhea. Overall health score 2 out of 9. (3/24/14) Caretaker reports cat has colitis.

Condition at intake to Almost Home Adoptions: Same as above, with the additional observations that his front paws are declawed; ear mites; scabs on body from skin mites.

Condition after one week of veterinary-supervised treatment at Almost Home Adoptions Continues to struggle with frequent diarrhea, frequent trips to the litter box and straining with small amounts of diarrhea; small weight gain but still emaciated; on our veterinarian’s list of the cats in this group among most critical.

The following photo shows the “better days” for this baby in the upper left corner. This once majestic cat is now battling to survive, and although his body has deteriorated due to extreme neglect, to us he is still majestic in spirit. We will never give up on nursing him back to health and loving him so he can have the life he deserves!




Please note the date change to Saturday, June 28.

The 8th annual "Power of Love" fundraiser, including silent and live auctions and a night of fun, will be held on Saturday, June 28. Event details will be posted soon.

We need your help to raise money for the care of the cats and kittens.  Our ability to help them is limited only by the funds we raise.

Please donate items or services for the silent and live auctions. Drop items off at the adoption center during open hours, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for a pickup, or send them to the adoption center (6010 West 88th Avenue, Westminster, Colorado, 80031).  Ideas include gift cards, wine, gift baskets, spirits, artwork, jewelry, home décor, etc.

Corporate or individual event sponsorships are also deeply appreciated. (Gold level at $1,000; Silver level at $500; Bronze level at $250.)

For more information, contact Sylvia at 720-375-1660 or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thank you for your continued support for the kitties!



Watching the cats and kittens on the Almost Home Adoptions Kitten Cam is lots of fun!  Watch the kittens playing, chasing, and cuddling. If you ever wonder what the kittens do when no one is watching, tune in and find out!  Watch now by clicking here.


Almost Home Adoptions is completely dependent upon the community for donations, as we do not receive any government funding. Unfortunately, donation levels are down and need for our services is greater than ever. We urge you to open up your heart and your wallet to help us continue to give rescued kitties a second chance. Every dollar makes a difference in the life of a homeless, abused cat. We dedicate our time and with your tax deductible donation, we can continue to make a difference!

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Molly is a beautiful and playful lady.  She enjoys pets and keeping an eye on all the activity from a perch.  She was rescued from the streets when she was pregnant and was a great mother.  All of her kittens have been adopted, and she would love to be the only cat in her new loving forever home.

Carrilyn is a 5-year-old friendly and beautiful girl.  She was rescued from a foreclosed home and is doing well at Almost Home Adoptions, but she dreams of finding her very own special loving forever home.  She is a sweet lady who enjoys pets and lap time.  She’d be good with children, but would prefer a home with no dogs.  Come in and meet Carrilyn and let those eyes of hers melt your heart!

Tilly is a sweet and playful girl who does well with other kitties. She likes attention and to be petted, and she would do well with children. When she is happy to see you, she twirls around your legs and "chirps." Tilly is in her own space at the adoption center so she can remain on a limited-ingredient diet for her food allergies. She would love the run of her very own forever home, while staying healthy on her special food. Come say “hi” to Tilly, and let her show you how much she’d love to be with your family.
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